Our goal is to provide impoverished students in rural Vietnam the financial means to complete their education.


In Vietnam, families have to pay school tuition to send their children to school. Many of our families farm or fish for a living and do not have stable incomes. As a result, they can’t reliably afford the cost.


This program provides stipends to motivated and financially needy students in Vietnam. Students who qualify for this scholarship receive ongoing support for their entire education.

Program Details

Where the money goes

Annual scholarships:

  • $45 — Primary school
  • $54 — Secondary schoolimage6
  • $89 — High school
  • $107 — Vocational school (*)
  • $214 — College (**)
  • $320 — University (***)
* Trade school certification (usually 2 years)
** Associates degree (usually 3 years)
*** B.S. or B.A. degree (usually 4-5 years)

Criteria for selecting students

We make a long-term commitment to every student we accept. Each recipient is guaranteed scholarships until they graduate from college. We make sure every student is deserving of your donation & support by evaluating the following criteria:

  • Academic performance
  • Demonstrable financial hardship
  • Commitment to their educationScholarships 1


  1. Local province contacts collect applications
  2. Applications are pre-screened
  3. Eligible students are interviewed in their homes
  4. The Board selects students to accept
  5. Scholarships are disbursed
  6. Students submit their report cards to qualify for continued support

FINAL 1 Booklet Scholarship 1 in Phu VInh-3